Pouring Milk Artwork

Finest Espresso-based Beverages

Enjoy Houston's finest cappuccino. Brewed to the highest quality using the revolutionary Slayer Espresso Machine.  Prepared by expert Baristas, and served with world-class style.


Sweetest Sweets

To compliment your espresso-based beverage, choose from an assortment of desserts and pastries.  All created by our finest local bakeries.


Black Dog Records

Browse the vinyl record bins for first and early pressings - Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Folk, and Country.  Crate dig for the treasures you've been looking for and preview it on one of our listening stations.

Roasted signature espresso, coffee blends, flavored coffee, iced-coffee...and vinyl records

Combining the special elements of simple coffee beans and simple analog music, Maggie May's is the perfect place to relax and enjoy Houston's finest espresso-based beverages and the warm sound of vinyl records.

Whether you are an avid record enthusiast or an espresso aficionado, experience the simple luxury of music and coffee together.

We also offer International loose-leaf teas, hand-crafted Italian sodas, frappuccinos, smoothies, and in the future will serve local Houston-based craft beer on tap as well as several options of both red and white wines.


Open For Business...

Grand Opening for Maggie May's Coffee and Black Dog Records this Friday, March 22nd at 6:30am.  Please click the button to request hiring information.